Chuck and Jan Fallon - Marriage Coaching

Chuck and Jan Fallon - Marriage CoachingMy wife Jan and I have been married 33 years in a thriving, challenging, and rewarding relationship. It is because of this we know you can do this, too!

We are alike in many ways, but just as many ways we are very different. Our perspectives, communication styles, conflict resolution skills, and multi-faceted backgrounds bring lively exchanges daily. We are deeply in love because we have stepped into the struggle and found joy in the journey.

We have raised three boys who are now grown men living their lives in Colorado, close enough for family outings and talks — things that have become part of our brand. We all grew up together (nothing helps you grow more than raising children!) with this phrase in mind, “It’s about the experience!” Now our boys tell us this as they invite us to new excursions along the way. God has been faithful and will continue to be as our journey unfolds.

We love to share our stories with humor and insight — laced with the same troubles, experiences, hurts, and desires many couples share. We demonstrate skills with practical application and group interaction, and share vulnerably how simple changes can develop a strong foundation — a foundation built on love instead of fear.

We’d love to join you at your next couple’s event!

Listen to this fun clip below on how we started our journey:

Jan Fallon

Jan Fallon

Artist and Author

Jan Fallon is a graphic and web designer. She designed and published Marriage Recall, written by her husband, Chuck. She has articles published by Today’s Christian Woman: Sex Was My Last Priority and Growthtrac: What a Good Marriage Can Do, which are also available on her website, along with other articles.