Marriage Recall, Chuck Fallon, LPC

What a great book! It’s filled with so much valuable information that, although it’s divided into weekly sections, you’ll be tempted to read the whole book at once. You won’t want to wait for next week’s installment. Whether you want to repair a broken marriage or revitalize a fairly solid one, this book will lead the way.

Michele Weiner-Davis

CEO and Author, Divorce Busting

Marriage Recall is an exquisite book! Throughout this much-needed compilation, my friend and colleague Chuck Fallon deftly equips couples with practical tools and essential skills which will help marriages thrive. I knew Marriage Recall was a winner when I emailed my wife entire sections, asking that we read them together.

Michael John Cusick

Counselor, Speaker and Author of Surfing for God, Restoring The Soul

I’ve read this book and it’s chock full of practical advice. I’ve read a ton of marriage books and this one is truly different. I wish it had come along in a different season in my life and saved me a lot of grief! If your marriage is on the rocks, or if it’s sailing along just fine, you WILL benefit.

David Rupert

Author, Red Letter Believers

I must confess I was a little skeptical when this book was recommended to me by a friend. I was however immediately fascinated with the way the book was divided into easy segments not only to read but to understand as well!! I would definitely recommend this material for not only couples having problems within their relationship, but also to those who may have become stagnant in their love life.

Tammy Prato

Amazon Review

I have never read a more well organized and simple marriage help book. I loved the use of examples, scriptures and the goal of keeping the family unit together. It was a very useful and practical book and I will continue to use it for helpful reminders in guiding me to keep my marriage strong.

Amazon Customer

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We all need tools and skills to chart an easier course in our marriage relationships. Chuck provides these coaching resources by giving real-life stories and concrete methods to help maneuver through relationship challenges. If your relationship is stagnant and needs a re-boot or is good, but you want to make it better, I recommend this book. You and your marriage are worth the weekly focus provided.

Stephen Arterburn

Founder, Chairman and Best Selling Author, New Life Ministries

Chuck Fallon has a solid grip on proven principals for a great marriage, and at the same time offers lighthearted and refreshing counsel. According to Chuck, “the secret of marriage is… there’s no secret.” What does exist, are dozens and dozens of golden nuggets, that will lift your spirits and carry you towards a successful marriage.

Jim Walters

Director and Author of When Faith Takes Flight, Servants of Christ International

Marriage Recall is insightful, funny, engaging and very practical. Read this book as a couple to measure where you are now and how you can move toward a more engaged and fulfilling married life. The author provides practical, solid, Biblically based advice that you can use now to enhance your marriage. Like the book says “You can do this”. This book is chock-full of practical resources and working examples.

Frank Walker

Author, Marriage Counselor, Chapel Grace, Coalinga, CA

I consider Chuck a good friend on the journey of life. His wit and depth have brightened my soul and will be sure to brighten yours as well.

Ben Wilson

Founder and Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriages Restored

My husband I have enjoyed reading Marriage Recall together and discussing each chapter. It helped us to talk about some hidden issues that we would not have discussed otherwise. I would have to say that “Respecting the Wall” was one of my favorites. The way the book is designed allows us to use it over and over again, finding some more good nuggets to improve our marriage.

Jeanne H. Nemeth

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