As part of SOS Men’s Coaching I’ll ask you this question: Which button would you choose?

A. The Easy button: To have your marriage or issues in your life become easier? Or
B: The Purpose button: To find purpose in your struggles?

Which button you choose is important because it reveals which fight you’re willing to fight. I’ve learned through experience that my marriage suffers and things in my life get worse—when I fight the wrong fight.

When I press the Easy button, I’m fighting for my comfort, my pleasure, my happiness, my my my… It is a very small world that contains only one person. Pressing the Easy button pretty much guarantees I’ll never experience deep fulfillment. But—and this is the crazy part—I still often choose the Easy button. Simply because it’s easy.

Pressing the Purpose button guarantees hard work. I’ll hear things about myself that are uncomfortable. I’ll know I could’ve made a positive difference in my life and in my marriage, but came up short. I’ll have to look at behaviors that don’t help, that are difficult to change without some serious motivation.

There is one guarantee: If I keep doing the same thing over and over again I’ll get the same result over and over again. 

We want to do better! Men who sign up for coaching want to find the motivation to grow. We just need some direction. 

I won’t promise easy—in fact, I hope the experience is hard enough to promote some real long-lasting growth toward a deeper purpose. If you’re a man who knows your marriage is in trouble, but you don’t know what to do about it or life has stayed too long in turmoil, contact me to chat and explore the possibilities.

You can do this!