I am inspired. Last week I spoke with courageous men about joining the SOS Club.

They’re courageous. They’re willing to admit they don’t know how to improve their marriages. Sure, they confess they don’t understand their wives, but they’re also confused about their own behaviors that they KNOW are making matters worse. “Why do I do that?!”

They’re courageous. I may have more experience as a marriage counselor, but I’m not going to hand them the answers from my plateau of marital bliss. I often struggle in my own marriage. But they’re willing to join me in the SOS Club, expecting we’ll be motivated and directed to undeniable growth—together.

They’re courageous. When growth goals are set, people often experience more discomfort than they had before setting goals. If you’ve trained athletically, you know this! When you start a new routine, muscles you didn’t even know you had make your life miserable for awhile! Keeping our eyes on the goal pushes us through the resistance—and that takes courage.

Are you ready to step up? We need more men, and I know you’re out there. Wondering about joining us. You may feel angry, isolated, miserable. You’re welcome at the SOS Club. You don’t have to wear a mask to be accepted. In fact, you will be encouraged to take your mask off and get real. Really Real.

You might have questions. Are you ready for the next step? Is the SOS Club right for you? Let’s talk!

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

You can do this!